Self-Care Quest Day 20: Create a Haven

When you feel stressed, anxious, or in pain, you can use the power of your imagination to take you somewhere where you feel safe, somewhere where you feel at peace, or even somewhere you can experience a sense of freedom.

One of our most popular downloads: Relaxed and Resourceful takes the listener through a progressive relaxation experience along an ocean shore where, warmed by the sun and soothed by the gentle waves they can leave their worries behind and enter into a deeply relaxed state.

The mind doesn't discriminate between real and imagined experiences. Imagine a dreaded event and your nervous system will get upset along with you. Imagine eating a lemon and you will drool! Imagine you are in your ideal place to relax and your body will begin to relax.

During an illness that kept me in bed for weeks I would imagine swimming in a warm and safe lagoon. I created my perfect place, warm turquoise water, soft sand, and curved rocks to sit and rest on. I took my mind on country walks, running up hills and meditating sitting in soft green grass. I learned to use my mind to take me away from sickness and into places of beauty and peace - and you can too.

Take Your Mind on Vacation

Create the perfect place in your head, use all your imaginary senses, make it detailed, make it real, and then go and rest there. Curl up in your bed or a chair and let your mind create and enter your special safe place.

Visit your haven often. You can visit for a few minutes during the day, or before you go to sleep, with a little practice you can drift off to sleep with your mind in that place of peace and safety.

It's one of the most relaxing things I've learned and I hope you will find it helpful too.


Relaxed & Resourceful is available in the Anxiety Slayer Store.