Talks with Carole Fogarty of Rejuvenation Lounge

photo by aussiegall 

In this week's podcast Shann talks with Carole Fogarty of Rejuvenation Lounge.

Carole is a lover of chai tea, dark organic chocolate, hula hooping, restorative yoga and being a mother of 3 boys. She currently lives Queensland, Australia.

For the past 20 years Carole studied a number of natural healing and spiritual modalities (and continues to do so).

She's a Relax and Renew Yoga teacher with Judith Lasater, and the author of Rejuvenation Lounge  which is all about encouraging you to put yourself first more often – one breath and one small step at a time. It’s about adding more moments of pausing, thoughtful breathing and intentional rest all with the higher purpose of creating a deeper, healthier and wiser connection to your beautiful true self.


Shann's Questions for Carole

What was the inspiration or back story of Rejuvenation Lounge?
What attracted you to Ayurveda and the principles of natural living?
Please tell us about your current projects and magical retreats.
A conversation about listening to your body.


Listen to the conversation here (if your browser doesn't show the podcast player please listen on iTunes) 





Final Thoughts from Carole:

  • Trust that little voice in side of you 
  • Work intuitively 
  • Live your truth 
  • Grab a hula hoop!


Find Carole at or on the Rejuvenation Lounge Facebook page