The secret to overcoming anxiety that’s seldom talked about

In this week's podcast we're talking about an essential key to overcoming anxiety that is often overlooked.

Key points covered:

If we want to conquer anxiety we need to cultivate persistence and patience.

Not necessarily what we want to hear! The anxious mind is erratic, restless and unsettled. How can you be patient or stick at anything when you feel anxious?

We need support to get started. And we need to get the basics of overcoming anxiety in place.

Listen to the secret to overcoming anxiety that’s seldom talked aboutpodcast here:

Key points in overcoming anxiety

  • Look at what you have - not how you would like to feel. Connect with the good things in your life: love, shelter, support. Note down where you are finding those things and look at it often.

  • Start challenging your anxiety - when you have anxious thoughts - challenge them. Look out for generalisations and question them. For example: when you find yourself saying somethin like: “It’s always like this…” or “I’ll never get better!” question it. Ask yourself is it really always like this? Or are there times when I'm feeling OK?

  • Practice labelling your uncomfortable and anxious thoughts. Is it a worry? A what if? A downright negative? You are not your thoughts. Labelling them with your objective intelligence defuses their power.

  • Take action - choose something to try and commit to doing it every day. Don’t give up and think it won’t work. EFT works, the Quick Anxiety Stopper works but we have to use them!

And when they work we need to note it down so we remember to do it again tomorrow, and the next day…

Allow yourself to feel hopeful - if you stick at it you will succeed.