453: The Way of Tea for Your Health with Michelle Racich


Shann had the pleasure of discussing the benefits of tea with Michelle Racich, owner of Plum Blossom Tea Company. During Shann's private tea ceremony, she felt like she was tasting tea in a whole new way and loved tasting the teas flavor profile changes with every steep. Listen in to learn about the way of tea for your health.



Michelle is a board certified Asian Bodywork Therapist who maintains a Zen Shiatsu clinical practice at Heart of Zen. She is also teaist who brings 38 years of martial arts, qigong, and Zen background to her training in Chado, the way of tea. 

Michelle and her husband Doug own Plum Blossom Tea Company tea shop and tasting room, where they sell whole leaf organic teas, offer gong fu style tea tastings, and host private Japanese tea ceremony.

“A cup of tea is a cup of peace.”
— – Soshitsu Sen XV

Points covered in this episode:


  • Michelle's inspiration to learn Chado, the way of tea and how that turned into creating Plum Blossom Tea Company.

  • How drinking tea can support people who often suffer with anxiety.

  • Where the tea Michelle offers is sourced and what makes it extraordinary?

  • Michelle has been a Zen Shiatsu practitioner for many years. She shares how shiatsu can support people who are suffering and how Shiatsu is different from acupuncture.


Plum Blossom Tea Company tasting room and retail tea shop offers premium matcha, Asian teas, and teaware. Come learn how to properly whisk a bowl matcha or how to enjoy an aged pu’er. Visit Michelle in person or online to expand your tea awareness and to purchase your favorites.

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