454: How to stop an anxiety attack

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We're talking about how to stop an anxiety attack. The triggers to look out for that can provoke anxiety and how to use EFT Tapping as a powerful self-help tool that can help you stop anxiety in its tracks. This episode includes a guided tapping session to help you calm the fear of an anxiety attack.


Points covered in this episode:

The first step in stopping anxiety attacks is believing it’s possible

Anxiety will tell you you’re stuck with anxiety attacks and it will always be this way.

Moving beyond anxiety’s lies

The anxious mind often feels exhausted and overwhelmed and falls prey to its own lies. But the truth is that anxiety attacks can be stopped.

Start looking for stories of success

Whether it’s from the personal success stories from members of support groups like our Private Facebook Group, podcasts, courses, or authors. Keep looking out for stories of triumph, look for hope to silence the voice of anxiety that will tell you nothing works.

Our Facebook group offers peer support to bring people together in a safe place to share their experiences and support each other. Many members share that connecting with others helps them feel less alone.

Beware of anxiety triggers

Caffeine is a primary culprit in provoking anxiety.

Symptoms caused by caffeine include:

  • sleep disturbance
  • adrenal fatigue
  • interference with natural dopamine and adrenaline production

Coffee doesn't give energy, it sets off a reaction in the body that provokes stress hormones to provide a burst of alertness.

In other words, caffeine jolts the body into flight or fight mode. Having a well-rested body and mind is essential for anxiety recovery.

Read more in our post on: Anxiety and the Caffeine Connection

The next step is taking action

Pick something to try that resonates with you and take an action step.

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Don’t Give Up

Every day your mind will try and tell you nothing works and it’s always going to be this way. Try just one more time.

Every day try one thing to help you feel more calm and in control of anxiety.

Try an EFT Tapping Session

In this episode, you will find a guided Tapping session led by Ananga for calming the fear of having an anxiety attack when away from home.

You can find the EFT Tapping points here and follow along with the Tapping session for yourself.

“I can’t believe how powerful Tapping is and you both understand anxiety from the inside out which is comforting. Thank you both!“
— PG
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