Using EFT for Anxiety Relief

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EFT has been in use for over 10 years and has gained world-wide respect for being effective in the treatment of PTSD, traumatic memories, stress and anxiety.

Here are some excerpts from our discussion on applying EFT for anxiety - you can listen to the full podcast below.

Shann: In the beginning I felt a bit silly about it, if I'm honest. It seemed a bit woo-woo to me and a bit esoteric until I actually put it to use.

In working with you behind the scenes I had a very good experience in using EFT and working through some emotional discomfort and it was almost shocking to me how well it worked.

What I really like about EFT for Anxiety Relief is it helps you learn how to use EFT quickly and easily. And there's no pressure to have to remember everything you've learned because you can always go back and listen to the audio recordings, or revisit the workbook. It's very much like having an EFT workshop in a box that you can access at any time.

Ananga: EFT is so easy that sometimes people don't get it. It's hard to believe that something so easy to learn can reduce your suffering so much. And that's why we've included a variety of exercises and entry points into using EFT in our package. When you're suffering from stress and anxiety your mind is already so disturbed and so overwhelmed that it's hard to take on new information, and it's hard to see the potential of something no matter how helpful it might be.

EFT for Anxiety Relief has been very carefully put together specifically for people who are suffering from stress and anxiety, the idea behind it is to make it as accessible as possible and to make it so easy to learn that you can benefit from it quickly no matter how bad you're feeling.

Emergency Anxiety Relief Audio

For times when anxiety is really high, or when you fear a panic attack we've created EFT for When it's All Too Much: a supportive audio that you can keep on your phone or MP3 player and have with you at all times so that when you're feeling really bad, all you have to do is listen and follow along and you can begin feeling calm and in control in minutes.


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