What does self-care really mean for anxiety sufferers?

Anxiety is a condition that benefits from inner work and support. When we are in pain or things aren’t going well in our lives our natural inclination is to want to fix it.
And our tendency is to point somewhere out there” at someone, or something external that needs adjusting so we can feel more comfortable.
We see this happen with anxiety when we declare a dislike for it. Sometimes we say I hate my anxiety” or I just want it to go away”. Anxiety feels awful, truly terrifying on occasions and we just want it to stop.
The challenge is that it’s happening in our own minds and bodies - it isn’t out there”, it’s in here! So we have the uncomfortable task ahead of learning to be with ourself when we don’t feel good.
In this week's podcast, we're talking about some starting points for bringing self-care into anxiety recovery.


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