What to do When Anxiety Flares up Unexpectedly

In this week's Anxiety Slayer podcast, we're talking about how to support yourself when anxiety flares up unexpectedly.


Points covered in this episode:

  • We fear people noticing, loss of control, and our symptoms escalating into a full blown anxiety attack
  • When we know how to stop an anxiety attack, we will have less fear of it happening
  • How to use the Quick Anxiety Stopper to stop anxiety escalating
  • How the long exhale breathing practice can help
  • Introducing our new course: How to stop an anxiety attack in its tracks


Focus in what you can do you reduce your anxiety

  • when we try and answer why” we get caught in the anxiety loop
  • if there’s a fire it’s more helpful to put it out by pouring water on it than it is to look for the cause
  • we don’t need to know what causes anxiety to help ourselves overcome it


Be gentle with yourself

  • Remember that this moment shall pass
  • Get some fresh air every day
  • It’s okay to ask for support