When Illness Increases Anxiety

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In this week's podcast we're answering a question that arrived in our inbox about illness and anxiety:

I am seeking your help again. This time is about anxiety during illness. I had a cough and cold that has resulted in pneumonia. I am safely on antibiotics now but continue to experience anxiety, especially around breathing as I am still congested, wheezy and slightly short of breath. My anxiety is very much under control in most areas of my life thanks to yoga, guided meditations, EFT, and a better understanding of how to pace my days to avoid overwhelm - until I get sick!

It seems even mild physical complaints can send me into a panic. I find coughs and colds particularly trying as I cannot use meditation techniques that focus on breathing during those times.

Any ideas that can relieve cough and cold symptoms, and also relieve anxiety when a cough makes breathing for relaxation a challenge? Finally, any tips for working through health anxiety in general?

Thanks so much for all you do. I've never felt 'alone' with my anxiety since I found Anxiety Slayer!


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