Why does anxiety cause awful thoughts and how can I stop them?

In this week's podcast we're responding to this question from our inbox: Why does anxiety cause awful thoughts and how can I stop them?"

Points covered in the podcast:

Trying to force the thoughts to stop don’t help

In fact it makes them worse. When we resist and get stressed trying to stop these thoughts we pour petrol on their fire.

Tending the garden of our mind

We can’t think of nothing, but we can start collecting good and nourishing thoughts.

Think of your mind like a natural garden project. Instead of fixing your mind on what you don’t want in your garden. You can start thinking about living with a degree of acceptance. You can look at ways to keep the weeds and brambles contained while you plant flowers, fruits and vegetables. You can learn composting, keep things watered and keep the soil nourished.

Becoming a peace gatherer

Eating for peace

The role of food in Ayurveda begins with the blood and ends with the mind.

What we eat affects our blood, our nervous system and our consciousness.

“Food becomes part of plasma, part of blood, part of the nervous system. Food nourishes the mind, becomes part of consciousness. That’s why food is very important. What type of food we eat. Because it will not only nourish the body; it will become (the) mind and consciousness.” Dr Vasant Lad, author and teacher

Additional tips for cultivating a calm mind

  • Keeping hydrated with warm calming teas like: mint, fennel, chamomile

  • Practicing breathing

  • Spending time in nature

  • Practice mindful movement

  • Allow time for mindful creativity

Choosing influences and entertainment

Be very careful about the impressions you allow in your mind. The mind is like a camera it takes snap shots of everything. The sensitive mind is easily disturbed by violent imagery, we have to be vigilant and protect it.

Learn skills for mental detoxing

The unsettled mind will further provoke itself by chewing over and over unwanted thoughts, conversations and injustices. We need to have skills in place for processing and protection.

Recommended Resource for working with unwanted thoughts: How to Calm Your Fragile Mind

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