2 Invisible ways to handle anxiety on public transport

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 In this week's podcast we're responding to a question about dealing with anxiety on public transport.

Hi ladies, thank you so much for your amazing podcast! It has helped me so much with my anxiety. I was wondering if you have some tips for anxiety on public transport. I really struggle once I get on the bus or train. Any ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks for your help and thoughts. J

Here are two ways to calm anxiety that no-one else will notice

1. Use the calm point

Here's how to do it: make a fist with your left hand and notice where your middle finger touches your palm. Now press that point firmly with the thumb of your right hand for about a minute.

Take slow deep breaths while you hold the point.

2. Use the Long Exhale breathing practice

Here's how to do it: You can do this sitting or standing. Drop your shoulders and let your jaw relax.

Now breath in slowly through your nose and count to four. Keep your shoulders down and allow your stomach to expand as you draw your breath in.

Hold the breathfor a moment.

Now release your breath slowly and fully as you count to seven.

Repeat for a couple of minutes, or until you feel more calm.

Plus: 3 extra tips that help

Take a book

Reading can be a good diversion from anxiety. Especially if you choose a calming or uplifting book and try and read mindfully.

Carry audio support

Keep something on your phone or mp3 player that you find calming.

For example:

Learn EFT tapping

You can use EFT to calm your anxiety before you leave home

Think about being on public transport.

Why specifically causes you anxiety?

Is it feeling shut in? Discomfort in crowds? Or something else?

Write it down.

Now think about where you feel the anxiety in your body. Where does it cause tension? What does it feel like?

Describe it and write it down.

Now you're ready to use EFT. Go to our EFT page and get the diagram of the tapping points and basic tapping instructions

Listen to the full podcast here:

If you want to master EFT and be able to apply it to anxiety with confidence have a look at our EFT for Anxiety Relief course in the new Anxiety Slayer Academy