3 Thoughts that Can Help You Control Anxiety


When anxiety has your brain in it's grip you might look at other people and wonder how it is that they look so calm and in control while your head is in complete and utter turmoil.

Sometimes it's helpful to look really closely at others and see if you can pick up any tips. Since the experts tell us that it's not the stress or anxiety that counts but how we respond to it. There's a lot we can learn from people who cope well with stress, anxiety, and adversity.


Here are 3 Healthy Thoughts that Can Help You Control Anxiety:

1. I have the power to improve my life

Know that whatever you are going through there are choices you can make to help you cope. You can seek support professionally, or from friends. You can read the inspiring stories of others who have triumphed through tough times. You can cut back on disturbing TV, movies, news, or music and replace them with more gentle and soothing entertainment.


2. I can make changes today that will make tomorrow brighter

It's easy to get stuck in a negative mindset when you're suffering from anxiety. Thinking the worst and predicting negative outcomes are all part of the anxiety problem, plus anxiety feels so awful and all encompassing that it can drain your sense of hope. But you can make changes now that will brighten your immediate future.

You could view them as seeds of change. Little actions that you can adopt and grow to help you take the load off your nervous system and rest your mind. You could start with one simple anxiety breathing exercise and try it every day for a week. Journal your experience with that one technique and then look back and see how much it has helped you.


3. There is help available

Believe it. There are people in the world who've conquered their anxiety. I'm one of them and that's why I'm writing this blog. Do I still get anxious sometimes? Yes. We all do. But anxiety isn't ruining my life anymore and you can find ways to make that be the case for you too. Look for company that's calm and positive. Learn from people who've mastered their anxiety, find out what worked for them and be open to trying it.

Be aware of who you're hanging out with too. If support groups are giving you real support that's great but if you find yourself in a support room where empathy develops into a competition of who's suffering the most - look elsewhere. If you want financial advice you don't go to people who are broke. If you want support with anxiety don't go where there's drama, go where people know how to help you and are happy to do so.


In conclusion

Remind yourself every day that you:

- have the power to improve your life

- can start making changes that will make things better

- can find help



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