3 Ways to Forgive Yourself and Open Your Heart

photo by ▲Camille Richez 


I love myself by fully appreciating and accepting the woman I am today. I’m learning to let go of guilt, shame and useless drama. I forgive myself for the mistakes I’ve made. I am perfect just as I am. And You are too. You are perfect just as you are. I invite you to open the door and let love in.


If you are bludgeoning yourself for choices made in your unconscious youth or holding a grudge against someone who’s done you harm, it’s time to let it go and receive the healing power of forgiveness.


How would you feel if you could forgive yourself and others for every boundary crossed, every harmful word, every irreverent action? What is the upside of holding on to all of this anger, pain and suffering? If you are holding a grudge, YOU are suffering. If you are hanging on to shame and guilt for choices you made in the past, YOU are committing violent acts against yourself.


Be honest: Are you ready to open your heart and unconditionally love yourself? If your answer is yes, then it’s time to dig deep. As Seane Corn said, “We have to look at where we’re broken and deal with it. Not to smooth things over and be fixed, but to truly be able to allow love in. “


Dance with your shadow. Face her. Embrace her. Only through this deep introspection can you fully let love in.


3 Ways to Begin your healing journey, forgive yourself and open your heart to self-love:


1. Identify what is haunting you. Write your story. Let your tears fall upon the page. Squeeze every detail of how you feel about the ghost(s) of your past. What are you angry about? What do you wish you could change? Are you holding a grudge? How is this story serving you today?


2. Now that you’ve identified your story, write a love letter to yourself from the person you are today. Write your letter to the child, teenager or adult who needs to know he is loved. Accepted. No matter the choices made in the past.


3. Create a sacred acceptance ceremony and honor the woman you are today. Your storied past. Your highs and lows. Begin your ceremony by lighting a candle, taking a deep cleansing breath and reciting (out loud) ten things that you love about yourself. For example: I love myself because I am kind. I love myself because I’m a supportive friend. I love the way I can light up a room with my laugh. etc. Next recite the following phrase: “I am enough. I matter. I love myself just as I am. I forgive myself and others. I will no longer carry the anger, shame or suffering of my past. I am willing to let go of the past and love myself now. And so it is.” Now blow out the candle and give yourself squeeze. You are loved.


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