Dealing with Anxiety in Busy Places

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Learning different ways to feel more comfortable in situations beyond your control can be very helpful in dealing with anxiety. Daily things like travelling, or being caught up in busy places can make us feel stressed and overwhelmed, which can quickly increase anxiety, but knowing a couple of simple coping skills can help you slide through such experiences free from added stress.


Dealing with Anxiety in Busy Places:

1. Check in with your breathing. If things happening around you are starting to increase stress or anxiety take a moment to stop. Drop your shoulders, relax your jaw and take a slow deep breath down into your stomach.


Rest your hands over your lower belly and notice how your breath pushes your hands out slightly as your stomach expands. 


You can do this anywhere. Even if people are talking to you, you can relax your shoulders and slow and deepen your breath - no-one will notice.


By tuning in to your breath you can put yourself in a relaxed state and save energy, this is a powerful opposite to the adrenalin spiked state that triggers anxiety. Slowing and noticing your breath sends a signal to your mind that although this situation might not be entirely to your liking you are OK and you have things under control.


2. If you have movement and noise around you that you are not comfortable with get in the habit of carrying some relaxing music and headphones with you. This is a highly effective way to create your own calm environment.


Using music or sounds that you find relaxing can help you put yourself in your own micro environment where you feel grounded and safe.


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