419: It’s our 9th Anniversary! We’re sharing how we met and celebrating with a special sale

In this week’s episode, we’re celebrating our 9th Anniversary of partnering together to bring you the Anxiety Slayer podcast.

We’re talking about how we met, the backstory of Anxiety Slayer, and offering 25% off all our online courses in the Anxiety Slayer Academy.

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Listen to the full episode to learn the back story behind the Anxiety Slayer name and more…




Shann: Today's episode is all about celebrating our ninth anniversary. Ananga and I have been creating, producing and showing up for you and for us to produce Anxiety Slayer for nine years, pretty much every week except for holidays and illnesses. We have been doing our thing, and we're really excited about it, and so today we're going to talk a little bit about how we met; our story, the backstory, and some of our favourite offerings and albums.

Welcome back Ananga. Happy anniversary!

Ananga: As you were talking, I was remembering sitting in my office clicking the publish button on the first ever episode and how nervous I was to do that.

Shann: We've come a long way since our first episode was released and I've been thinking about how we came together. We were both blogging at the time, both of us were writing and coaching in our own parts of the world, and my friend Jonathan Mead is the person who gets credit for introducing me to you. But you also found me at the same time that he was making me aware of you and reached out. I remember Jonathan telling me that we had a lot in common would get along famously and then we met for a phone call not too long after that and had so much in common.

Didn’t you reach out initially to put together a program for people suffering with anxiety? I mean, this didn't start out as a podcast conversation.

Ananga: No, it didn't. I had an idea to create something called the Anxiety Rescue Kit, and I was looking to partner up with somebody to do that and present it to as many people as we could. I actually reached out to four people, and you responded, and we had a conversation on Skype and Anxiety Slayer, and our relationship grew from there.

Shann: And I'm not sure if our listeners are aware or not, but we've never been in the same room together. I’m in the US and Ananga’s in the UK, and we haven't been in a position to travel to see one another yet. But that will change soon. I plan to go overseas soon, and I know my daughter wants to come with me so we'll work something out. But we have built this incredible business and but even more important than that, in my opinion, is our friendship.

Shann: Here we are with over 5 million downloads and 400 hundred podcasts, and it’s such a pleasure to support our listeners and to listen to what it is you need so that we can address it and talk about it.

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