420: Can creative activities help your anxiety?


In this week's podcast, we’re talking about how creative activities can help you calm your anxiety.


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Points covered in this episode:

The creative type according to Ayurveda (India's ancient science of life).

How creative types can protect themselves so that they can enjoy their creativity without suffering from anxiety.

The importance of keeping hydrated and keeping a flask of warm tea with you: ginger, chamomile or cinnamon tea is ideal.

How to make a healing ritual of your creativity. Light a candle or diffuse essential oils while you work. Lavender, lemon balm, and rose geranium are good aromas for calming anxiety.

Listen to calming music or a relaxing audiobook while you paint, knit, bake, or draw.

Why self-care is essential, and how this can be a challenge for a creative person because they get so caught up in the creative process that it's very easy for them to forget to eat or do the things that we all need to do daily to remain healthy and grounded.

Creative immersion is a form of mindfulness.

Tips for engaging your senses in colour, texture, and scents.

Why actively engaging the sense of touch is especially helpful.

When painting, cooking, or working with clay, get as tactile as you can.

Go for mindful walks and see what inspiration and natural treasures you can bring into your home.

Shan and Ananga share how we like to be creative and how we support ourselves in feeling grounded and calm.


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