435: Fear of getting a panic attack while away from home

In this week's episode, we’re answering a question from a listener who fears having a panic attack when away from home.

Points covered in this episode:

  • The fear that anxiety attacks can flare up without warning

  • The anxiety of not knowing what causes the attacks

Anxiety Attacks are not as random as we might think. They are almost always a result of anxiety building beneath the surface.

This is something we explain in detail in our First Responder Series Course for Anxiety Attacks.

Understanding and weeding out the possible triggers of your anxiety attacks gives you the ability to stop anxiety building into a full blown attack.

Anxiety Attacks can be stopped

It is absolutely possible to stop an anxiety attack and once you know how to do that, anxiety attacks lose their power.

Once you know what to do to stop an attack when you are out, it saves a lot of nervous anticipation, and you are less likely to experience an attack because you are prepared.

The two things needed to stop anxiety attacks.

  1. Someone to show you what to do

  2. And taking action to practice the techniques

The main challenge with anxiety attacks is not the attacks themselves. The problem is the way anxiety affects our thinking and leads us to believe that nothing works and that we will be stuck like this forever.

Ananga: “I used to suffer from frequent, awful anxiety attacks. I would run out of social events, I couldn't eat in front of people, and my hands would visibly shake. For years this was how life was for me. But it isn't anymore. I learned everything I could about overcoming anxiety so I could help others do the same.”

You can know how to reduce the triggers that provoke anxiety, and how to stop an anxiety attack.

It’s best to tackle anxiety from both sides:

stopping it escalating in the first place

and also knowing how to stop an attack

Once you have learned these skills, you can feel more confident going out because you know exactly what to do if your anxiety flares up to how to stop it escalating and feel safe and calm again.

But you need to take action. Don't let anxiety tell you nothing works.

Thanks for listening to Anxiety Slayer and for being part of our community.