5 Misconceptions About Practicing Yoga

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Recently Diane from How to Relieve Stress.com left the comment: I have never tried yoga it looks really difficult. However with all the benefits it gives you its definitely worth the try. I suppose reducing anxiety and stress plus getting and looking physically fitter is a bonus too!


In this podcast Shann covers some common misconceptions about yoga and touches on some easy ways to get started in using yoga for stress and anxiety relief.


1. You have to be in great physical shape

You can begin practicing Yoga no matter what shape you are in. There are several gentle asanas you can learn and benefit from today. Resting in sponge pose or Shavasana is yoga. Learning knee to chest, thread the needle, and child's pose are all gentle yoga postures that activate your root Chakra. And, each of these postures are practiced while lying on your back.


2. You must perform every posture perfectly

You do not have to be perform anything perfectly. The idea is to get in touch with your breath and your body. A good yoga teacher will assist you to move into poses based on your body type and range of motion. There is no judgement, no expectation. Just breathe and move your body.


3. You have to register for high-energy flow classes or Hot Yoga

There are several styles of yoga to choose from. Most yoga studios will offer a beginning level class or a gentle Yin style class. These offerings are a great place to start your practice. I recommend sampling several classes and teachers to find the right fit. You can often walk in to a class with out signing up for the full 8-12 week program. If you can't make it to a yoga studio you can find some excellent yoga classes online via YouYube or iTunes.


4. You will be judged by your class mates

Yogis and Yoginis are some of the kindest people on the planet! Not only will you benefit from learning and practicing yoga, you will be surrounded by supportive people whilst you are in class. Everyone keeps to themselves, working on there own individual practice while supporting the entire group with loving kindness.


5. You can only reap benefits by doing yoga every day

It's true that practicing yoga every day is highly beneficial. BUT,  practicing once or twice a week is just fine for beginning students.  You have permission to ease into your practice. In my opinion, once you begin practicing yoga, you will naturally begin living more like a yogi. Yoga means union. Getting in touch with your breathe and living in your body is a blessing. 


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