Cool, Calm and Collected in 5 minutes or Less

By photographer padawan *(xava du)


Many of us never think about our breath. We often take breathing for granted.

When was the last time to checked in with your breath? 

This simple exercise will support you to locate where your breath originates and help you deepen your understanding of how regulating your breath can help you remain cool, calm and collected when faced with anxiety.

Take a moment to step away from your computer. Turn off your cell phone. Turn off the lights or close you eyes. Find a comfortable chair, or lie down on your bed, or the floor. Wherever you can be comfortable. It's okay if you can't lie down.  

I invite you to close your eyes. Release your jaw. Let your shoulders drop. Your tongue is flat out like a pancake. Allow you body to be soft and supple.

Now check in with you breath. Are you breathing from your chest? Or are you breathing from belly? How many heart beats occur between your inhalation and exhalation?


Breathe in through your nostrils and fill your lungs to capacity with every molecule of oxygen.

Exhale. Empty your lungs and belly bowl completely.

Repeat this pattern again… and again until you find that you are more relaxed.


Come back to your regular breathing pattern and notice how you feel. Notice the natural rhythm of your breath. Feel you heart beating. Thank you yourself for making time to connect with the breath of life.


When ever you are feeling out of sorts you can use this simple breath exercise to become cool, calm and collected in 5 minutes or less.


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