5 Ways to Begin Your Day in a More Peaceful Way

Image by: Loving Earth
In this podcast Shann shares five tips for starting your day in  calm and positive way:

1. Create a Positive Preview

Before I even roll out of bed in the morning, I like to lay there and think about what my day is going to look like and how I can infuse more happiness and pleasurable experience in the full scale of my commitments and responsibilities. What I find is I can squeeze at least two or three etchings in each day which helps bring a beautiful balance between what I have to do and what I want to do.
What can you plan to fit into your day today that helps you feel grounded and engaged in your own self care?

2. Stretch and Breath

The other thing that I like to do, and I recommend that you do too, is before getting up out of your bed make some time for a morning stretch; lift your hands over your head, stretch your arms out, lengthen your fingertips and point your toes and stretch and lengthen your entire body. Then spread your arms and legs out to the four corners of your bed and stretch again. When you're done doing that, bring your knees up to your chest and give yourself a hug. This is great way to free up tension from your back and shoulders and stretch your body awake in a way that puts you in touch with living inside of your body.

3. Start with Contemplative You Time

The third thing I recommend is thinking about a positive way to begin your day. Think about something that you really enjoy doing. So instead of staying in bed for an extra thirty minutes, think about what you could do with that thirty minutes. You could meditate. You could prepare your favourite breakfast. You could use the time for a morning swim, or walk. Think about it and see if you fee you would be better served by using an extra half hour in bed in a different way.

4. Pre-Planning for a Stress Free Start

The other thing I recommend for a more peaceful morning, especially if you have a really busy day ahead is to prepare the night before. Before you get into bed at night take time to plan for the next day. ay out your clothes, know where your keys are, know where everything is that you'll need in the morning.
Anything you can do in advance will help you move through your morning more gracefully before you head off into areaway busy day. 

5. Morning Nourishment

The final thing I'd like you to think about is your nutrition in the morning. Are you making time to have breakfast? Because it's really important that you do, even if it's a very light one. If you're not nourishing yourself in the morning it's time to begin - it will make a big difference for you.

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