Anxiety about leaving my home

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In this week’s podcast we’re responding to the question: How does one who has anxiety issues and has problems leaving their home learn how to handle the anxiety enough so they stop isolating from it?

Points covered in the podcast include:

1. Get clear about exactly what you fear about leaving your home

  • it’s not the same for everyone

  • sometimes there is fear of social interaction with others

  • sometimes the anxiety is about having a panic attack in public

  • or it could be many other reasons

Without pressure, make a list of why you feel anxious about leaving home, then highlight the one or two reasons that feel the strongest to you and you can use EFT Tapping to diffuse the fear.

2. Calming resistance

You can also stand by the front door and tap the EFT Points through noting where you feel any anxiety in your body and keep tapping until you feel more at ease.

For example: Start tapping by the front door, then when you feel OK with that, out your hand on the door handle and tap again until you feel clam. Put your shoes and coat on and tap again.

3. Take it slowly and gently

This is not an exercise in force or facing your fears, it is a way of diffusing triggers that your body recognises and may tense up in response to. You do not have to leave the house until you feel safe and relaxed enough to do so with ease.

This is called a stepping stone approach where you use EFT Tapping at each little step that may cause discomfort for you.

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A Quick Guide to Using EFT Tapping

Start by rubbing the left side of your chest in a circle (see the blue oval area marked on the diagram) while saying your opening phrase:

"Even though (insert your chosen issue here) I love and accept myself."

For example: "Even though I'm scared to leave the house I love and accept myself."

or "Even though I can't face leaving home today I love and accept myself."

or "Even though I'm worried I'll feel like this forever I love and accept myself."

or "Even though I'm scared I'm going crazy I love and accept myself."

Be fully present with your words as you start tapping the EFT sequence through.

Start tapping the EFT treatment points shown on the diagram, use a short version of your set-up statement to keep yourself focused as you work your way through the tapping points.

For example: as you tap the point at the inside of your eyebrow you could say “scared to leave home” or “anxiety in my stomach”. 

Make your way through the tapping points, one at a time. You can tap each point with either hand, and tap about 7-10 times at each point. Keep using  your reminder phrase as you go.

Once you've tapped through the sequence once, take a deep breath and repeat a few more times until you feel calm.

Listen to the full podcast here:

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