Can you Live Well with Anxiety?

Photo Credit: Loca Luna / Anna Gay

In this week's podcast we're sharing tips on living well with anxiety. In other words, ways in which you can stop anxiety from swallowing you up and taking over your life.

This discussion was inspired by the book, "Living Well With Pain and Illness: The Mindful Way to Free Yourself From Suffering" by Vidyamala Burch.

Some key points from the podcast are outlined below:

Primary Lesson The Story of Two Arrows - Buddha

When we're suffering from pain, illness or anxiety, we're initially pierced by the first arrow, which is the actual pain. The second arrow is our response to that pain.

1st Arrow - Primary Suffering = Pain

2nd Arrow - How we respond to our pain = Suffering over our suffering.

Sometimes we suffer more over the second arrow (or more) which can cause avoidance and escape with compulsive distractions. The desire to escape can take over our minds.

Coping Strategies to free yourself from suffering the anxiety of the Second Arrows:

Breathing Exercises

Breathe: Anxiety Relief Breathing Exercises - available on iTunes


EFT Tapping

Thank you for listening. If this podcasts resonated with you and you want additional support, we invite you to explore our Anxiety Rescue Kit which will provide you with guided exploration in using mindfulness to ease anxiety and free yourself from the fear of the fear.