How to Use EFT Tapping for Anxiety about your children

In this week's podcast Ananga guides Shann through a session of EFT Tapping to reduce her anxiety around keeping her teenage daughter safe while letting her spread her wings. We invite you to listen and tap along with us.

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Shann shares that she has been holding stress and feeling heightened anxiety around:

  • how to keep her young daughter safe

  • how to monitor her child's exposure to adult subject matter

  • how to give her 13 year old space to spread her wings

Ananga Recommends:

  1. Bach Flower Remedies - Red Chestnut for overconcern about a loved one

  2. EFT Tapping - Tapping for specific concerns

Tapping Example:

Ananga: When you feel anxious where do you feel this in your body?

Shann: I feel a weight or heaviness in my heart center. I also have some terror that something awful might happen to my daughter if I'm not present to keep her safe.

Shann's Tapping Statement:

"Even though I have this weight in my heart and this terror, I deeply and completely accept myself."

EFT Tapping Sequence used for this demonstation

- Tap with your fingers on one side of your body

karate chop - Outside of either hand closest to your little finger chopping on the fingers of your other hand closest to your index finger. 

eyebrow near bridge of your nose

outside corner of your eye

under your eye

under your nose

center of your chin

collar bone

begin the cycle again at your eyebrow

After a few rounds of tapping, Shann significantly lowers the amount of anxiety she is holding around keeping her daughter safe.  She feels lighter in her heart center and more emotionally balanced.

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