Does your anxiety have a message for you?


Anyone who has been listening to Anxiety Slayer for a while may know that we aren’t big fans of New Year’s resolutions. Especially for those already suffering with stress and anxiety.

Resolutions can increase stress by raising expectations when we’re already struggling - instead, we’re recommending setting an intention for the new year ahead to deepen self-understanding and self-compassion.

As an alternative to trying to push through (as we often do when we are suffering with anxiety) this podcast is about tuning in and listening to our body and mind and making space for learning more about what drives your anxiety, and what you might need to feel more peace.



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Points covered in the podcast:

Anxiety as a messenger 

Sometimes anxiety is a messenger. Anxiety can carry the hint that there is something deeper within us that wants to be nourished.

When we are resisting anxiety, hating it and trying to push it away we are not hearing it's message.

When we build acceptance, as we discussed during our recent podcast on building self-compassion, we create the space for the message of anxiety to be heard.

Try bringing some curiosity to your anxiety. Instead of trying to push it away, or block it out with distractions, try asking some questions.

When we push anxiety away, it pushes back.

Anxiety feels like an invisible enemy, but it’s part of us. It’s living in our mind and one way to overcome it is to use the rest of our mind to gain a majority.




Daily reflections for self-support

Ayurveda recommends self-study, but with help….

  • Practice building awareness, and committing to time spent in self-enquiry.
  • Daily enquiries can help you notice patterns, and recommit to self care.

Some self-reflection questions to consider:

How am I doing today?

What am I feeling?

Am I making space for self-care?

What do I need?

These questions encourage us to think about our simple, but essential, needs like nourishment, space, and self-calming practices.

Our anxiety will shrink when we understand it better and develop a habit responding to our needs with curiosity and self-compassion.

It takes courage, and it takes practice, but it can really help you gain some clarity and peace and we are here to support you in the New Year ahead.