EFT Tapping for Painful Emotions

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Today we're talking about Nick Ortner's recent post from TheTappingSolution.com called: Feel it, even if it hurts

Nick's post raises the important point that we are often uncomfortable with getting in touch with our deeper feelings. As an aid to self-awareness and self-healing he encourages using EFT Tapping for a couple of minutes while paying full attention to the words you choose and how you feel about those words.

That sparked us into sharing with the Anxiety Slayer Community the simple and surprising effectiveness of EFT for catching and clearing those painful moments where our anxious thoughts float to the surface and cause us pain.

Using EFT Tapping to Release Painful Emotions

The fact is we don’t want to get into our uncomfortable feelings. We bury them, run from them, drink through them, eat over them - anything but be with them.

And all the time they are rumbling beneath the surface, draining our energy and making us feel bad. When unwanted feelings or anxiety rear up we stuff them down again.

Unfortunately, this avoidance of pain leads to more pain as things build up beneath the surface.

Points covered in this podcast:

We are healthier and less anxious when we allow our emotions to flow through us.

Emotions need to be acknowledged, accepted, processed and released and EFT is a very effective technique for helping us do that.

Noticing how we respond to uncomfortable feelings

Tapping when we notice we are triggered

Tapping with self respect and with full mindful attention

Listen to the full podcast here:

How to use EFT Tapping to Release painful or anxious thoughts:

If you haven't tried tapping before: To use EFT you tap with your fingertips on a set sequence of acupuncture points (see diagram below) while you focus on one specific issue, or feeling, that is causing you disturbance...

Choose one of the following:

  • an unwelcome emotion

  • a nagging worry

  • or anxious thought that causes you discomfort

Notice were you’re feeling it in your body.

Be raw, honest and specific - what exactly are you feeling?  What exactly are you worried about?

Start by rubbing the left side of your chest in a circle (see the red oval area marked on the diagram) while saying your opening phrase:

"Even though (insert your chosen issue here) I love and accept myself."

For example: "Even though I feel sick with anxiety I love and accept myself."

or "Even though I'm scared to leave the house today I love and accept myself."

or "Even though I dread mornings I love and accept myself."

or "Even though I'm scared I'm going crazy I love and accept myself."

Now repeat your statement three times while still rubbing your chest.

Be fully present with your words as you start tapping the EFT sequence through:

Start tapping the EFT treatment points shown on the diagram, use a short version of your set-up statement to keep yourself focused as you work your way through the tapping points.

For example: as you tap the point at the inside of your eyebrow you could say “scared to leave home” or “anxiety in my stomach”.

Make your way through the tapping points, one at a time. You can tap each point with either hand, and tap about 7-10 times at each point. Keep using  your reminder phrase as you go.

Once you've tapped through the sequence once, take a deep breath and repeat a few more times until you feel calm.

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