How Does EFT Tapping Work? And How Can it Help Me?

Keisuke Omi

We talk a lot on our podcast about the power of EFT Tapping for overcoming anxiety, so we want to make you aware of  this special opportunity: The World Tapping Summit starts on the 4th February 2013 - it is a great opportunity for you to learn EFT Tapping for a variety of issues. And it's free!


Key points from this podcast:

Introduction to the World Tapping Summit

The buzz around Louise Hay using tapping

EFT Tapping questions sent in by our listeners:

EFT tapping seems so easy so HOW does it work?

When you tap on a memory but you don’t feel the emotions you just remember them. Does the tapping clear out the emotional charge?

I tapped on something and had an emotional breakthrough and issue had been resolved. My behavior was different for two days, but then I seemed to return to my old behaviors. What do I do in that instance?

Do you have to tap every day and can you tap a few different scripts one after another? 

What is a root cause in connection with EFT tapping? How do I get a handle on the root cause of a problem?
How do I tap on issues that seem totally matter-of-fact and beyond my control such as a traffic jam or an incurable illness?

Are there any physical signs that show EFT is working?
Why do I keep yawning during tapping?

How do I know an issue is getting cleared or completely cleared with EFT tapping?


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You can reserve your free place at the World Tapping Summit here...

Tapping World Summit 2013 Registration