The EFT World Tapping Summit starts Tonight - find out how to get your free place here

This is a quick reminder that The Tapping World Summit starts today February 4th so this is you last chance to register, if you haven't done so already.

We've had a few questions about the Summit so we're answering them here in case they are of interest to other readers.

1. Do I have to listen to both events every day?

No you don't. You can pick and choose what you would like to listen to.

There are some presentations that you might want to note that are might be of particular interest to Anxiety Slayers and they are:

Day 3 - Tapping Into Self-Care: Finding the Power to Say No to Others and Yes to Yourself

Day 6 - How Your Children Can Conquer Anxiety with Tapping

Day 10 - The Personal Peace Procedure

Other sessions you might find helpful include using EFT for: pain relief, enhancing relationships, and clearing self-sabotaging behaviours. You can find details of the complete schedule of presentations on the event registration page.

This is a great opportunity to get really familiar with how to use EFT for self healing - even if you only choose to listen to two of three presentations. But the more you listen to, the more you will begin to understand just how many things you can use EFT for. And as you get more and more familiar with it, then you can begin to see how you can use it to help others too: like your family or friends and that opens a whole new area of healing possibilities.

Do I have to listen to each event live?

You have 24 hours to listen to each presentation. Which is a very generous arrangement, it makes listening more convenient for everyone, especially for those of us on a different time zone.

Can I download and keep the recordings for future reference?

Yes, there is an option to do that. Attending to the event online is completely free, but you can upgrade and get all the recordings on CD or MP3, plus a workbook and transcripts of all the presentations and some other useful bonuses. There are different pricing options depending on the upgrade you choose and you can see details of those when you register for the free event.


A personal recommendation

I mentioned in our last podcast that I've been personally using EFT for over 10 years and I don't know anyone who has stopped using it once they learned it. It is such a valuable healing tool particularly if you want to overcome anxiety and panic attacks. So this is a great chance to get started with EFT for healing in your own life.


Listen to the full podcast here (if your browser doesn't show the podcast player please listen on iTunes)

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