How to Ease Anxiety in the New Year

Photo Credit: KariHak

In this podcast Shann talks about the importance of self-care and pacing yourself in the New Year.

We often receive questions like: "Will this year the year I feel better?"

It's natural to come into a new year with curiosity and an interest in optimum mental health.

We invite you to practice pacing yourself while making self-care your #1 priority for anxiety free living.

If you listen closely, you know what you need.

- When you're tired, rest.

- When you're sad, cry.

- When you feel anxious, breathe.

- When you are frightened, seek support from a trusted friend.

Nourish yourself and free yourself from stress and anxiety increasing expectations like: "when will I get better?"

Instead of worrying try caring - move out of your head and into your body with grounding nourishing acts of self-support.

Simple self-care rituals to help you ease anxiety:

Curl up and rest, arrange blankets and/or cushions in a favourite quiet spot and make a nest. Use soft music or a guided meditation if you need extra help soothing your mind.

Try the childs pose. The childs pose is a simple yoga posture that is very beneficial for calming stress and anxiety.

Ayurveda recommends using Child's Pose frequently to help the mind and body feel safe and calm. Sometimes people suffering from anxiety feel the need to curl up and hide away for a while, this pose fulfils that need perfectly.  We recommend practicing for few minutes before bed while taking slow steady breaths.

- listen here for a guided practice.

Take warm baths or showers.

Allow time for walks in nature, especially by water as this has a calming and grounding effect on the nervous system. Gentle breathing exercises are also very helpful.

Touch and calming music are helpful too. If you are feeling ungrounded ask for a hug or try massaging your feet with a little sesame oil before sleep.

Make warmth, quiet and rest part of your day every day.

Pace yourself. Love yourself.