Anxiety has ruined my relationships

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In this week's podcast we're responding to the following question from our inbox:

"Thank you for your compassionate treatment of all topics you address on your podcast. I have found your practical advice and soothing delivery very helpful and calming.

Since I have really begun to come to terms with life-long anxiety, I have been haunted with the ways in which it has compromised (sometimes ruined) situations and relationships. I feel as if I have not been fully present for so much joy and have not been able to fully receive love.

I am a person who does not like to mislead, manipulate, hurt, or disappoint others. In fact, I often blame stressful situations and interactions on myself. If there are any coping mechanisms you could offer that might dissolve or at least reduce these waves of guilt and shame, I would greatly appreciate your guidance."

Points covered in the podcast:

Self-kindness and understanding are important.  High anxiety states really mess with your head and make it very difficult for you to show up at your best.

The value of using EFT Tapping for clearing past regrets and building self-understanding

How using mindful awareness can help you enter the present moment and connect fully with those you love now

Once you have given yourself some space and time to reflect and heal then you might want to consider a conversation with those close to you if you feel your relationship has been compromised by anxiety

How to focus on today and tomorrow with self-compassion and apply the tools you need to move forward feeling more calm and in control of your anxiety.

Listen to the full podcast here:

Recommended Resources for making peace with your past:

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