Introducing Breathe: Anxiety Relief Breathing Exercises

Anxiety Slayer just released our 4th album, Breathe: Anxiety Relief Breathing Exercises where we share a variety of guided breathing techniques to help you calm stress and anxiety.

Every exercise calls attention to the power of your breath and shows you step-by-step how to relieve anxious thinking and calm your mind.

Breathe is available on Amazon and in the iTunes music store now...


The anxiety relief breathing exercises featured in this collection are:

Belly Breathing - for reducing anxiety

The Awareness Breath - for quieting the mind

The Measured Breath - for easing anxious thoughts

The Bumblee Bee Breath - for calming anxiety




Music for Breathing Practice

An Introduction to using your breath to calm anxiety

And a Calming Breathing Guided Meditation



Thanks to Maz for the following review in the UK iTunes music store:

"I cannot say how useful the Anxiety Slayer albums are to anyone who experiences anxiety or even people who find it hard to unwind. I have been waiting for this one to come along as breathing practice is so powerful for me in reducing anxious feelings. As always Ananga's music is soothing and relaxing and Shann's voice is the perfect tone... I will have this on in the background even when I'm not feeling stressed."