Autumn Tips for Keeping Anxiety Free

Image by Eduardo Amorim

Autumn can be a challenging time for anxiety sufferers, in this podcast we are sharing some simple life style tips from Ayurveda to help you feel healthy and happy during the Autumn season.


Some tips to help you calm anxiety during Autumn:

Oil your body. Massage yourself with warm sesame oil. Sesame oil is lubricating and warming to your skin, joints and muscles. It will help ease anxiety and alsoprotect you from dryness, cracking joints, and stiff or achy muscles.


To use nutrition to ease Autumn anxiety favour warm foods that are sweet, mildly spicy, and salty. These are the tastes that increase moisture in the body and help us feel grounded. Try pumpkin soup, seasonal vegetable stews with a little olive oil and black pepper, and baked apples with cinnamon and cloves.

Porridge with cinnamon, walnuts and maple syrup makes a grounding and nourishing Autumn breakfast.

Ending your day with a cup of hot milk with a pinch of nutmeg will help to settle your mind and nourish your nervous system for a peaceful night's sleep.


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