Introducing our new release: Oasis - A Retreat from Stress & Anxiety

In this week's podcast we are happy to share news of our new guided meditation album for stress and anxiety relief.

You can find Oasis: A Retreat from Stress & Anxiety in the iTunes music store

Oasis is a collection of guided meditations and journeys created to provide a sense of escape from stress and anxiety.

When Breathing Doesn't Work

We talk a lot about breathing and meditation techniques for calming anxiety in our podcasts, but we understand that sometimes when anxiety is running high it can be difficult to just stop and be with your breath.

At such times, our natural inclination is to want to escape intense feelings of anxiety. Often, the way you might  choose to do that is to try and block out unwanted feelings by watching TV, or a movie, or playing a game on the internet etc Anything to try and “get out of your head” for a while, anything to escape those horrible feelings that anxiety brings.

That may feel OK for a while, but when that diversion ends you can find yourself again feeling overwhelmed by anxiety. So the escape is temporary, and not always a healthy one.

An Easy Escape from Anxiety

The idea behind Oasis was to provide an escape that feels supportive and safe, like a mini-vacation. Somewhere you can relax comfortably as you are guided by Shann’s voice talking you through an experience to help you feel calm and transport you away from feeling anxious.

And, unlike TV, movies and games, Oasis helps you feel better by getting to the root of anxiety and providing you with an immersive sense of relaxation.

Oasis is more closely guided than some of our other releases. The intention being that your mind is kept engaged in the experience and doesn’t get the chance to kick in with anxious thoughts.

Listen to Ananga talk about the music of Oasis here:

Sample previews of the guided meditations on iTunes or CD Baby

FREE Bonus Music for Relaxation

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