You Are Not Alone

Shimelle Laine flickr

According to The Anxiety and Depression Association of America up to 40 million Americans are coping with anxiety, stress or depression.

We were so surprised by that huge statistic and just wanted to say that you are not alone.

When coping with anxiety it's important to have space and support to be able to allow your mind the help it needs to rest and recover. And that's why we're here, if you are one of the many suffering from extreme stress or anxiety we want to help you.

You can find over 200 free episodes of the Anxiety Slayer podcast on iTunes

Guided relaxation exercises and breathing techniques for calming anxiety in the iTunes Music Store

And we have just released a new course: How to Calm Your Fragile Mind in response to the many questions we have received about coping with negative emotions or feeling like your mind is racing out of control.