Learning to trust the process

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I'm learning to trust the process...

For most of this lifetime I've tried to control my outcomes. I liked being the woman who made things happen. Not anymore. What I've noticed is that the more I try to push my agenda, the more anxious and agitated I become. Trying to manage every little thing is exhausting.

This year I've declared that I will do my best to trust the process of my personal and professional unfolding.

I define trusting the process by setting an intention and moving in the direction of what I wish to experience without attachment to the outcome. Admittedly, as a recovering type a perfectionist, this is something I have to recalibrate on a daily basis. The awareness of the controlling behavior I wish to change makes my old patterns easier to break.

  • Where are you trying to push for an outcome?
  • How is that working our for you?
  • What might happen if you set your intention and then let it unfold?
  • Where in your life can you make more time to trust and surrender?


How You Can Trust The Process

  • Set your intention
  • Make incremental action
  • Celebrate each step
  • Ask for support
  • Be grateful for every bit of the process
  • Marvel in your ability to trust and surrender
  • Do your best to remain unattached to the outcome

Loosen the reigns on your life. Take a deep breath and do your best to trust the process.


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