Sacred Heart Teachings

In this week's podcast I'm talking to Shann about her new Sacred Heart Teachings experience.


Here's a brief outline of the points we covered in our conversation:

As a transformational coach and self-care enthusiast, you strongly believe that we must remove the barriers that keep us from experiencing joy and compassionate self-care; and I've heard you you talk a lot about how we subconsciously build protective walls around our hearts to insulate ourselves from the pain and trauma we once endured.

You have created the Sacred Heart Teachings as a guide to help women open their hearts and heal their past so they can experience more joy.

What inspired you to create the Sacred Heart Teachings?

You say the time for healing is now? What do you mean?

How do we know if we're ready to dig in and heal our wounded hearts?


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You can find out more about the Sacred Heart Teachings and register for the free telecall with Shann and Linda Joy here

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