Help me stop hiding from anxiety

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In this week's podcast we're answering a listener's question about help with hiding from anxiety.

Hi, I hide from my anxiety with video games. I use brute force, fighting with myself to cope but there is so much pain that I need to numb. I'm working with my doctor, but do you have any tips?


Points covered in this podcast include:

- hiding is an understandable response to anything that causes us pain, especially anxiety

- there are many ways people hide from anxiety: TV, alcohol, recreational drugs and video games are some of the most common choices

- to escape into a game is not so harmful as some other choices, but it does present it's own challenges that, in the long term, won't help you recover from anxiety

- video games stimulate the nervous system and can cause adrenalin spikes if you are intensely engaged in battle or role playing quests

- the last thing we want to do when we feel anxious is face anxiety head on - it hurts us and it makes us feel scared so we want to avoid it

- the answer lies in finding ways that we can feel safe relaxing: reducing stress and adrenalin and finding ways we can be OK to be with ourselves

- initially this sounds uncomfortable, but there are ways to do it that can help you pre-occupy your mind so you can begin to manage anxiety without having to fight it head on

- for this we recommend soft martial arts like tai chi, where you can move your body with full concentration and awareness

- yoga is also ideal for pre-occupying your mind mindfully and overcoming anxious feelings

- EFT tapping is excellent for calming feelings of wanting to hide from anxiety and any other unwanted emotions or painful feelings you are fighting


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