Self-Care Quest Day 21: Switching Off

Have you taken a moment to switch off today?

When we hold ourselves on standby we waste precious energy and allow our bodies to remain in tension. But even the busiest day has little gaps when we could take a moment to do absolutely nothing and rest.

Here's an example: yesterday I made the busy journey to my daughter's school to pick her up. Knowing that I'm often waiting in the car for a few minutes, I took some tea and a good book. As soon as I turned the engine off I stretched and took some deep breaths, then I sipped my tea and enjoyed it's warmth let everything go for just a few minutes.

It feels good to release tension if only for the briefest moment.

Look out for cues to stop for a moment: lines, red lights, elevators, escalators, boiling kettles, waiting rooms, calls on hold. Whenever you spot the briefest moment of waiting - stop and allow yourself to switch off.

Here's a simple exercise to try at such times:

  • Stop, take a deep breath and drop your shoulders

  • Relax your mouth and jaw

  • Let your vision drift out of focus and imagine that you are stepping back and disengaging from doing

  • Keep still and let your breath help you feel calm

  • Enjoy the moment for as long as you can, and then gently return to action.