Self-Care Quest Day 22: Be Kind to Yourself


Anxiety can make you feel that you are faulty, or weak. This is simply not the case. In order to be with this underlying feeling, we must come from a nourishing place of self-care. You can learn to ease your mind, calm your body, and feed your soul. Learn to witness what is happening under the surface without judgement.

Easing your mind involves being fully present and aware of this very moment. You have permission to eliminate the guilt and shame you carry with you from your past and put an end to the unfounded worries about your future. You can create more time for gratitude, abundant thinking, a positive attitude and lots of laughter.

Exercise and relaxation also play a key role in your well-being. Your body is a marvellous creation carrying you through your life. You deserve extreme self care. Just like a beautiful flowering plant, your healthy body needs rich soil and water to create a full and healthy bloom.

Nurturing yourself spiritually allows you to ground yourself in your body keeping you anchored, healthy and alive. Caring for the soul includes eliminating the energetic weeds that show up and choke out your natural soulful beauty.

You deserve real moments of solitude, self-reflection, play, and relaxation. When you learn to be gentle and care for yourself, you will enjoy a clear and focused state of mind.