Self-Care Quest Day 27: Honour Your Energy

Do you know how to protect yourself from Energy Vampires? People who are regularly irritated and angry with the world will seize any chance they can to drain you of all of your positive energy while they erupt all over you like Mt. Vesuvius. The troubling part of this eruption is how many people remain present for the angry shenanigans, and then wonder why they feel so low and empty after the unwelcome tirade is over. You feel this way because you have just been energetically violated by a person who wishes to devour your life force!

Do you invite energy vampires into your home or office? Unless you have some sort of super powered protective force field, do yourself a favor and walk away from people who enjoy sucking up all of your positive energy. If you can’t get away, infuse some positive energy into the encounter. Energy Vampires are often defused by generosity and will move on to the next unconscious victim.

If you are in relationship with somebody who carries a lot of negative energy, invite them to dump their junk and lighten up. If they refuse to improve their dark lord energy, it may be time for you to move on. You deserve to be surrounded by people who are loving and kind.