Self-Care Quest Day 28: Becoming Strong

Anxiety is a destructive state. It sweeps into our bodies and minds like a storm and wrecks our attempts at resourceful thinking or actions. But we don't stay at that level of anxiety forever, once the storm has passed we can take advantage of quieter times to build new skills and supportive habits.


Build Space

After a time of heightened anxiety allow yourself some time to rest and recover. Practice your Anxiety Slayer skills, read something comforting, or listen to something that helps you relax or gives you guidance on ways to manage anxiety.

Always strive to be constructive in the face of adversity. You can't wave a magic wand and have anxiety evaporate forever but you can learn to master some calming techniques that will help you control it. 

Keep looking towards what helps you feel better. Anxiety is destructive but you are so much more than your anxiety.


Practice Construction

Learn new skills.

Acknowledge your strengths.

Every step counts.


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