The Power of Peaceful Moments

photo by -just-jen-

With change comes discomfort and uncertainty, our world is shifting rapidly - can you feel it?

Now more than ever before we need to create space for peaceful moments of prayer and meditation. When we allow for quiet moments of higher self care, we can create an oasis of peace, compassion, and inner strength.

Restless Spirits

Our busy lives can often keep us estranged from our spiritual wisdom. As we learn to reduce distractions and tune into our higher selves on a regular basis we begin to become aware of our true nature and can find some peace within our very busy lives.

Being still and asking for support helps us understand ourselves better, you deserve to install more peace and stillness in your life to balance out all of the energy you lovingly give away.

In this week's podcast Shann offers a guided relaxing process for peaceful contemplation and re-connecting with your higher self.


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