Unless You’ve Had Anxiety…

you can never really know how it feels.

This week we're responding to a comment left on our Facebook page:

"People that haven't lived it will never understand the terror."

We respond with empathy and loving kindness. Here are a few talking points in this week's episode: 


  • Open up a dialogue with someone you trust.
  • What have you learned through your experience with anxiety?
  • Those who have suffered with anxiety can open our hearts, support and empathize with others.
  • Commune with groups of people who understand. 
  • Seek out supportive materials to help you calm your anxious mind.


When you feel overwhelmed with anxiety having understanding support is essential. Sometimes we've found help from "friends" we haven't even met. Insightful authors like Louise Hay and Claire Weeks have been witnesses and friends to thousands of people suffering with emotional pain, stress and anxiety.

In your search for understanding remember to look at blogs, podcasts, books and audio support. We recoomend that you gather a collection of supportive material from people who really do understand what you are going through - whether you know them or not.


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For support with coping with anxiety take a look at our Anxiety Rescue Kit