What To Do When It's All Too Much

Sometimes life seems to move too quickly and we feel like we can't keep up. This can cause stress and overwhelm. In this week's episode, Shann shares some tips for how to care for yourself when you're feeling maxed out.

Here are few simple things you can do to feel better when your life gets away from you.

  • Give yourself time and space to rest. Listen to your body. How do you feel? What do yo need? Is there anything you can let go of to free up your time?

  • Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water or tea.

  • Journal. Put pen to paper and write down how you're feeling without judgement.

  • Get outside in nature or near a body of water.

If you have a lot of anxiety before or during social situations, remember the ease and grace of the calming point to get grounded quickly.