How To Calm Your Mind When You Have A Health Scare

Today we are answering a listener question about health anxiety from our Anxiety Slayer Inbox.

"I was diagnosed with Panic Disorder about a year ago. Since that time I've been getting floaters in my vision. I've had it checked out by optometrist and they told me it happens and just to ignore them and my retinas are fine. Soon after my first huge panic attack in addition to floaters I was seeing a tiny blue spot in my peripheral vision or just outside my center of vision. The blue dot is not like a floater that sits in my vision for seconds and moves around. It's more like a laser dot that turns on and off in the blink of an eye. I notice them more when I'm stressed and having health anxiety I was fearful of a tumor or neurological problem. I had an MRI and nothing showed up. Dr said again not to worry about it. I've seen a retinal specialist and two opthamologists since and they have no clue. So it must be anxiety but the sensation is so distracting and unnerving. I get tunnel vision and some blurriness is apart of anxiety but don't see much anecdotal evidence of people getting this blue dot phenomenon I'm experiencing. Is this something either of you have experienced or heard about?"

We haven't heard of this blue dot phenomenon before, but we have heard of a lot of other unusual symptoms caused by stress and anxiety. From aches and pains to dizziness to other persistent symptoms that could really have you worried that something serious was wrong.

When your mind won't be re-assured

It's good you got it checked and that you have had a reassuring response form your doctors. The trouble with anxiety is that it can make your mind reluctant to believe the positive results you have received.

I have suffered with health anxiety myself so I understand the way the mind can be gripped by fear when we think we've found something wrong.

How EFT Tapping Can Help

Our advice would be to use EFT tapping to help you release your anxiety over this and settle with the fact that it has been checked and the results were good.

To use EFT we recommend you get clear on how you really feel about this. You might want to make some notes.

What are your persistent fearful thoughts saying to you?

Is it something like "my doctor said don't worry, but I am worried and I can't stop thinking about this blue spot." Or "every time I see this blue spot in my vision I'm filled with dread."

Perhaps it's something else...

Jot down your own words and fears and then use EFT Tapping to calm them.

You can find out how to do this on our EFT Tapping page >>

Look for positive health news and support

Our other recommendation is to go for a bigger and brighter picture in your thinking. Look up some positive health information for example: Dr Lissa Rankin's book Mind Over Medicine which is full of positive stories and information on our power to heal.

Put your focus on self-support in healing so you know you are taking the best care of yourself you can. Maybe review your nutrition, or take up some gentle yoga, walking in nature, or Tai Chi, when we take steps to support our health we increase our confidence and personal sense of wellbeing and that has a positive effect in reducing anxiety too.