When Anxiety Makes you feel small

image by loosingmind


In this week's podcast we're answering a question from our facebook page and talking about sudden anxiety setbacks and how to cope when anxiety makes you feel small.


Here's the question:

I was wondering whether you could do a podcast about the feelings you get when you're at the bottom of the anxiety cycle when you feel like everything is so big and you are so small, and also the negative thoughts too. Unfortunately I had a little wobble yesterday and had what felt like a punch in the face from anxiety. Doing ok now I've caught up on the lost sleep from last night but I had almost forgotten about that feeling when you think you'll never feel better or normal?


Points covered in this podcast:

- we all have setbacks and tough days

- getting help understanding and remembering that this will pass

- anxiety may seem to come from nowhere, but there is usually a reason

- knowing what helps you and getting back on track with self care

- how a change of routine can trigger anxiety

Listen to the full podcast here (if your browser doesn't show the podcast player please listen on iTunes)


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