When New Year Resolutions Make Anxiety Worse


The pressure and expectation created by New Year resolutions can increase anxiety further.

I have swapped resolutions for themes i.e. areas that I want to keep my attention on and practice / improve / develop. And Shann thinks New Year Resolutions are just plain silly.


Creating a Pressure-Free New Year with Self-Supporting Themes

Themes are more gentle and also more likely to cultivate change, and they don't increase your stress or anxiety.

In fact, you can use them, to reduce it by having a theme of self-care and paying careful attention throughout the year to the things that help you reduce your anxiety and the things that increase it. By noticing and adjusting gently throughout the year you can effect powerful recovery - but it will feel very gentle and organic and be free from sweeping statements and disappointments.

Setbacks can become lessons and rest points and progress can be enjoyed step by gentle step.

When it comes to self-care and learning to overcome anxiety you will experience an increased sense of self-respect and overall wellbeing by considering every day a new opportunity to take small steps on the right direction.


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