Tips for Slaying Anxiety During the Holiday Season

image by pizzodisevo

One of the challenges of the Christmas Holidays is that we loose sight of ourselves. When you're low on energy it's easy to get dragged around by other people's agenda.
In this week's podcast Shann and Ananga share tips for taking care of yourself throughout the holidays:


Key Points for Christmas Holiday Self-Care

Try and have a few minutes each day to quietly do something you enjoy. Maybe get up a bit earlier than everyone else and sip tea and read by your tree. Or suggest a walk during the day, or have an early night and listen to a guided relaxation in bed.


Allow time for small spells of relaxation: 
- allow some time for a warm bath
- or some inspirational reading
- have some music playing that helps you feel happy or settled
- have scents in your home that you find relaxing, or uplifting 


Protect Your Energy

Some of us get an energy boost from social gatherings, others find them draining, or that they affect our nervous energy.

If you have a busy social Christmas ahead, think about how you like to recharge. Do you need some alone time, or a walk? Just give it some thought and allow yourself some space when you need it.

Walking after big mealtime gatherings allows for space even if a few people tag along. Getting outside will help you digest and clear your head. It's easy to loose track of time over Christmas and loose out on fresh air and natural daylight, both of which are essential to feeling healthy and energised.


Keep Warm and Nourished

Hot spiced apple juice and herbal teas will keep you warm and hydrated without the stress to your nervous system that coffee and alcohol bring.


Free Yourself from Expectations

We can plan our meals and our time together to an extent, but holidays are much easier if you can let them unfold. We can't control the opinions, moods or priorities of others, we can only turn up as us and the rest will play out as it will.

Christmas isn't about perfect - to worry about the perfect tree, gift etc. is to bury ourselves in stress and obsession of tiny details that are really not the point.


Remember to Breathe

Practice being aware of your body and tension levels, if you notice yourself feeling overwhelmed, by noise, crowds, family excitement make a conscious act of dropping your shoulders and breathing out slowly.

The take a couple of minutes to take some slow deep breaths, no-one will notice and you will feel more relaxed.


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