Anxiety and Fear of Death

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In this week's podcast we're responding to the following question about anxiety and fear of death:

Something I have yet to fully come to terms with is fear of death, particularly when it comes to car accidents or even worse the prospect of a school shooting. I go to a highly populated public school and so for me a shooting feels all too probable (I never should’ve googled the statistics), I was hoping to see if you had any advice when it comes to coping with that fear and even coping with the prospect that it could happen but finding peace with it?

Bach flower remedies for fear of death:

We have spoken in previous podcasts about using Bach Flower remedies for anxiety. In this episode we talk about three flower remedies that are especially helpful for fear of death:

  • Mimulus - fear of known things, including fear of death or accidents

  • White Chestnut - persistent unwanted looping thoughts

  • Rock Rose for feeling frightened and for calming panic attacks

We also recommend carrying Rescue Remedy with you to reduce the general intensity of anxiety. You can find Bach Flower remedies on Amazon and in most health food stores.

EFT Tapping:

Tips for using EFT Tapping for dealing with the specific fear of death:

  • note down your main fear and feelings about this think about it and notice where you feel the anxiety on your body

  • then tap the EFT points through steadily, taking a deep breath and releasing it at each point

  • then stretch and repeat until you feel the intensity of the fear reduce, and then tap some more, keep going.

For more thorough help with using EFT try our EFT for Anxiety Relief download or listen to our Introduction to EFT Tapping Teleclass where Ananga talks listeners through a guided tapping session and talks about getting to the root of your fears with EFT.

Use Mindfulness to Escape “what if” thoughts

Mindful awareness roots us in the present moment. The truth for you right now. It keeps you focused on what is actually happening and draws you away from what you fear might happen.

We can’t know what might happen, but if we dwell on what we fear our mind will lock into it and ruin our lives.

Learn to Work with Your Breath

To stop your thoughts racing and help yourself feel calmer and safer

Use Guided Relaxation

To stop yourself spinning out and create safe pockets of time where you can escape your fears and relax.

Guided relaxations also help reduce the overall intensity of anxiety.

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