PMS Makes My Anxiety Worse

Photo Credit: Wiertz Sébastien via Compfightcc

In this week's podcast we're talking about how hormonal changes can affect anxiety and how PMS, in particular, can make anxiety worse.

This podcast is in response to the following note from our Facebook page:

Your podcast has helped me so much…I use many of your tools and techniques to help calm my anxiety. On most days, I am successful and I can continue on with my everyday life. But for about one week out of every month (about 5 days before my period starts) it seems like nothing I do helps. My anxiety symptoms and emotions get out of control, and I find myself just wanting to stay in bed, miserable and depressed.

Any chance you can do a podcast in regards to anxiety and PMS/hormonal changes? Thanks so much for your time!

Points covered include:

The importance of allowing space for self-kindness to help you get through difficult days

- time with a friend who understands and can maybe help you feel lighter about it

- supportive reading - something funny, or inspiring

- gentle diversions like a feel good film, or soothing music

Try and prepare a bit in advance so you have something to look forward to to watch, read or listen to.

Know that it will pass and be aware that you have a good reason to feel this way, even thought it feels terrible. Remember it's natural and part of your chemistry and you're not crazy.

Avoid caffeine

Be careful with your diet - keep it gentle, simple and nourishing and make sure you are properly hydrated in the run up to your period.

Be mindful of reducing stress in advance best you can. Our sensitivity to stress and anxiety is heightened at this time of the month, so the more we have it under control in advance, the less it will spike and cause us to suffer from increased anxiety.

For more detail, please listen to the full podcast: