How to stop yourself dwelling on irrational fears

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In this week's podcast we're talking about using flower remedies, EFT tapping and lifestyle measures for coping with irrational fears.




Bach Flower Remedies

White chestnut for persistent unwanted thoughts

Mimulus  is for when you can name your fear. For example: fear of a certain illness, being around other people, losing your job, being alone.

If you know what you are feeling fearful about, mimulus can help

Cherry Plum: Helps you when you fear that you might loose control, it's for when the mind feels over-strained to the point where you fear you might do irrational things.

Aspen:  Helps you when you feel fearful but you don't know why.  It helps when we have a general sense that something bad might happen but we don't know what it is.

How to take them:

- dropper bottle (spring water add 2 drops of each chosen remedy)

- sip in a glass of water


EFT tapping

EFT tapping is a very easy and effective technique for calming any fear or anxiety. The following articles will give you a good introdution to EFT


How can EFT help me with anxiety?

Clearing Upsetting Experiences with EFT Tapping

Clearing Upsetting Experiences with EFT Tapping



Peaceful habits build peace of mind

Avoid alcohol and caffeine 

Many anxiety sufferers find that caffeine and alcohol increase thier anxiety.

Eat a peaceful diet: fresh vegetables, fruits and grains are considered in Ayurveda (India's ancient science of life) to be the ingredients for a long, healthy and happy life.

When we eat meat we are eating the chemicals of fear in that animal's body, many sensitive people feel more peaceful when they switch to a meet free diet. It made a big difference in my life.


Don't feed negative thoughts

- that means the obvious things like Googling any symptoms you might be worried about 

- and the less obvious things like being careful what you read, watch and listen to

Understand your mind
The mind is very sensitive and easily disturbed - that is it's nature.  We can all benefit from learning ways to protect the mind  and keep it calm, healthy and happy.

Easy ways to do this are to increase gentleness, sweetness and laughter in our relationships.

To improve the quality of what we read and hear, and especially what we watch. What we take in through our senses becomes food for our mind. If we feed it junk it will give us mental heartburn and that's a horrible experience.

The mind can be our best friend, or our worst enemy - we have to use our intelligence to try and reign it in.


We hope you find the tips discussed in this podcast helpful.



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Resources discussed in this podcast:

Using EFT for Anxiety Relief

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For further information on Bach Flower Remedies click here

White Chestnut - a natural flower essence for calming persistent unwanted thoughts

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